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Prague, 1 August 2016 ─ As of 1 August 2016, Marek Páleník is the new General Manager of Vienna House Diplomat Prague, the 4-star conference hotel in Prague 6 - Dejvice. Kateřina Lenková from Diplomat will replace him as the Resident Manager of andel´s and angelo Prague.  

Marek Páleník, the new general manager of Vienna House Diplomat Prague, has worked in the hospitality business for almost 20 years. Prior to joining Vienna House Czech Republic (previously Vienna International) in 2007, he acquired much of his experience abroad. Previous positions include working for the Royal Caribbean International Company and Hotel Harrington Hall in London. In recent years, he was the resident manager of andel's and angelo by Vienna House Prague at Smíchov. Kateřina Lenková will now occupy this position. 

Kateřina Lenková has worked in the hotel business for more than 16 years. She joined Vienna House Czech Republic in 2011 as a Front Office Manager where she rose through the ranks to become the Resident Manager of Vienna House Diplomat Prague at Dejvice. Kateřina studied at International Hotel Management Institute in Prague and gained her MBA at the International Hotel Management Institute in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The main task for Marek Páleník and Kateřina Lenková in their new roles will be to primarily strengthen the position of Vienna House Czech Republic hotels on key markets and find the right balance between continuously satisfied clients, engaged employees and fulfilling shareholders' needs.

“I would like to congratulate my colleagues on their appointments and wish them good luck in their new roles. Marek and Kateřina are highly experienced hoteliers who will lead Vienna House Czech Republic in a strong client-oriented approach. Furthermore, I believe that the exchange of the hotel managers will result in a wider range of experience in our teams and in even closer cooperation within our group on the domestic market,” says Klaus Pilz, Regional Director of Vienna House Czech Republic.       

About Vienna House

Vienna House Czech Republic manages six hotels on the domestic market: Vienna House Dvořák Karlovy Vary, Vienna House Diplomat Prague, andel's by Vienna House Prague, angelo by Vienna House Prague, angelo by Vienna House Pilsen, and Vienna House Easy Chopin Prague.

Vienna House is all about travelling, about making new experiences and about exploring. Vienna House is about rediscovering that there is nothing more refined than the simple things in life. Vienna House represents four hotel lines - each with its own individual character but with shared values and one aim: to inspire guests.  Austria's largest hotel group - repositioned in 2016 under the umbrella brand "Vienna House" - owns and manages individual city and resort hotels, the design hotels "andel's by Vienna House", the vibrant business hotels "angelo by Vienna House" as well as the down-to-earth easy line "Vienna House Easy". The company currently employs 2,200 staff members in nine countries: fromFrancetoRussia, fromPolandtoAustria. Including cities likeBerlin,Bratislava,Bucharest,Coburg, Cracow,Lodz,Munich, Neckarsulm or Trier. Vienna House is a trademark of Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG. www.viennahouse.com

More info about the Vienna House Hotels in the Czech Republic can be downloaded on this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8hZ2WOTtCQcaWhvaWpmNVJ6U2c?usp=sharing