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SKÅL Prague -  around 70 tourism top managers

Doing business among friends

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Skål Int.Club Prague Nr.626 was founded in the 18th of October 1995 as the first Club in the former communist countries in Central Europe. At present, the Club has around 70 members from all fields of tourism industry, all of them being top professionals of the most important players in the national and international tourism market (hotels, airlines, travel agents, travel media etc.).


We are having regular events always the last Thursday of each month - except of July and December. These events are usually luncheons starting at 12.00 hrs and held in one of our members establishments (hotels/restaurants).

In June, we have a barbeque party from 18.00 hrs and in December we organize the most popular event - SKAL Xmas Dinner, usually second Friday of December. For these two events, as well as for special events that we organize about twice a year, spouses and friends of our members are also invited. For the luncheons, we are inviting interesting guest-speakers.

We are also very proud to have a Young SKÅL Club, composed of students and young employees from within the tourism industry. Our main goal is to "Do Business Among Friends" and therefore is the networking part of our activities an absolute priority of our Club.


Heinz Reigl - President

Marie Ranišová - Treasurer

Jiří Matoušek - Secretary

Karel Zelený - PR

Zdeněk Kovařík – Young Skål 



SKAL  klub  Praha

c/o Grandhotel Bohemia

Králodvorská 4  CZ -110 00 Praha 1