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72nd SKÅL INTERNATIONAL WORLD CONGRESS, Turku, Finland, from 18.9. till 23.9.2011

SKÅL International Turku - with it's 55 members - commands considerable influence and prestige within the local travel business community. We also have long traditions as contributors to local and regional development since the foundation of our club in 1973.

Together with other SKÅL clubs in Scandinavia and the Baltic, we will be able to provide our guests with an interesting and informative congress programme in Turku and the surrounding areas - even surrounding countries!

Turku, the oldest city in Finland, offers you history, modern art, world class architecture and much more. Turku is also surrounded by the biggest and most beautiful archipelago in Europe, an experience not to be missed! Only 20 minutes from Turku's urban pulse you can find your own little paradise amongst more than 20 000 islands, islets and outcroppings rising from the sea. For more informations click here.