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Report from SKAL meeting held 24th November 2011

1. Many thanks to William Lobkowicz and his team for hosting us at the magnificient Lobkowicz Palace. We have enjoyed the wonderful venue with its unique location and history, eventhough the weather was not really inviting to spend time at the terrace. 
2. President Heinz Reigl welcomed the guests and had a short speech focusing on the main goal of SKAL – “Doing business among friends”. He encouraged all members to use this opportunity not only within our club but also worldwide.
3. William Lobkowicz gave a short insight into the recent history of their Palace and family. 
4. Our guest speaker for this event was George Lewis from Jones Lang LaSalle company, expert on capital markets. He pointed out that although times are tough, Czech Republic has a good perspective from the investors´ point of view. 
5. Our birthday children this month are – Miroslav Bukva, Manuel Jimenez Alonso, Petr Knoll and Samer Fawzy. Congratulations !