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Report from the first afternoon event held 26.4. from 6pm at the Maria Falkensteiner Hotel Prague



Hotel Maria Falkensteiner



Welcome to the first afternoon venue linked with the YS Innauguration Party 2018 at the Hotel Maria. This is a novum in two ways. First, we set up the afternoon venue on an idea based of a Young Skålleague whom is now not anymore a members, and second, it´s the first time that a YS Inauguration Party is linked to one of regular meetings. It´s really nice to see and have so many young faces around.

Thank you Claudio Sturm and his team for arranging htis event.

Welcome to our guest who are today –

Mr.Vejmola, Manager of Gama Holding Co. and our long term member of honor

Benke Aikell Founder and Editor of the Leaders Magazine

Todays guest speaker and presentator is Veronika Možišová, Business Development Manager Trip.Market who will tell us about her new company business model and the latest development of online channels in the tourism industry

Welcome to our YS. It´s a pleasure to have you around. After all 7 of 10 members are present today. Unfortunatelly Jan Houška had to cancel his planned attendance, because of illness, in the last minute.

I hope that you will use the benefits of your membership and gain from it. However, as I have already mentioned on several occassions. You only get out of it what you put into. That´s not only true for a club membership but basically for whatever you do in  your businnes and private life. We can onmly set certain guidelines, the rest is up to you. Buit we can all gain from each other. You learn from us and we from you.

It´s also my pleasure to see Mr.Roman R..Straub, the YS mentor and Prof.Josef „Pepi“ Šestak the, I nearly said „Godfather“ of YS. He actually introduced me to the VŠO and idea to take on students from this school.

Don´t forget to register for the luncheon/afternoon meetings and of course the Summer BBQ Party and the Christmas Gala Dinner Party.

This years YS plan looks very interesting and I hope it will be followed through accordingly.

I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship within our clubs fame and fraternity.


This month Birthdays in alphabetical order –

Pavel Janku

Marie Ranisova

Richard van Reem

Daniel Xuereb

Martin Zeleny

and all those that I have omitted


The next regular luncheon meeting will be held on Thursday, May 31st at the Park Inn and Thsi year summer BBQ Party on Thursday, June 28th at the Lindner Hotel Prag.


Quote of the month

„ Success consist of going from failure without loss of enthusiasm „

Sir Winston Churchill


Before I hand over the stage to Veronika let´s raise our glasses for the Int. Skål toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere