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SKAL Christmas Gala Dinner 2017


Ambassador Hotel




It´s great that we are able to celebrate this years Christmas Gala Evening, thanks to our host Alena Dytrychová and team, in the wonderful ambience of the Ambassador Hotel. Of course many thanks as well to Eva Dvořaková, who unfortunately can not be here today.  On this special event we will be spoiled with a no doubt mouth-watering and delicious menu, accompanied by fine wines and other drinks.



Presidents Speech

I am happy and grateful to see so many faces which are normally very scares because I am running out of themes after my by now 11th Christmas speech and start to repeat things. But those who are rarely attending don´t realise it, I hope.

To get into the right Christmas spirit it´s my great pleasure to announce and welcome before the meal starts this year again the by many if you already well known Sedmi Hlásek choir, led and conducted by Ms.Hana Hemerová assisted by her son Mr.Hemer on the piano

The raffle tickets are sold between the first and second menu courses. Please be not afraid to make use of it. Please take distance from aggression and fight for these tickets. As far as I am informed there are enough tickets available. The actual raffle takes place after the main course and after dessert. 



to the members of board for all their work, time and effort the invested throughout the year, to the hosts of our monthly regular luncheon meetings and special events and especially to you, my friends and members, because without you there would be no club and celebrations.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people which have helped to make this evening a memorable one.

Let me extend my thanks to the YS members, to Eva Matoušková and to Roman Ray Straub for the help and their commitment and preparation.

Last but not least, many thanks to all our sponsors for their generous donations. Their names will be announced by tonight´s Masters of Ceremony, Mr.Roman Ray Straub accompanied by Mr.Manuel Jimenez Alonso and of course the not less important raffle ticket sales team. Unfortunately Jiří Matoušek cannot join us today. However, I believe that Roman and Manuel will replace him well and will lead us through this evenings raffle price presentation in no uncertain manner. Please show your generosity by putting a few notes in your hand because as you know, the entire proceeds will be used for charity, namely for Children in need. If I have said before to put a few notes in your hands, I have of course meant to spend those notes on raffle tickets. This statement is just to avoid any misunderstandings


The Raffle

We have, due to the generous donations from our sponsors, this year again exciting prices on offer. This contains the food-baskets donated as every year by the company MADE. I name this company especially because they donate already for the 8th consecutive year food baskets and many other goodies. We will have a wide range of prices beginning from the famous car wash, overnight stays right up to the much thought after 3 Alza gift vouchers, worth 3000.-, 4000.- and 5000.- donated by no-one less but the club, namely by you !

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our numerous sponsors, which will be named during the raffle. Without them we would not be able to raise all this money.

The money goes as always in the previous few years to the “Bator Tabor Donation” for children in need. Please stay as generous as in the past in order to enable us to help again with our donations.

Last year we collected CZK 25 000.- and made it for some of this children possible to attend a special summer camp for therapeutically recreation of ill children. Two years before it went as part payment to buy a new van.


Allow me to recapture

this years Clubs activities and to present next years review in short

We had, besides the monthly luncheon meetings, the BBQ Party and todays Christmas Gala Dinner some other worthwhile to mention special events. The first great highlight was the 1 day Young Skål seminar with Jan Mühlfeit held on the 27th of March in the Grand Hotel Bohemia with almost 40 participants, followed by the special experience to watch and listen to our Clubs General Secretary with his band by the name of “Different light” on the 1st of December.

This year we can proudly say to have managed to engage to all our luncheon meetings high calibre guest speakers and presentations.

Next years main activities will focus on the planned Young Skål activities and interesting guest speakers and presentations in connection with our regular luncheon and two afternoon meeting held as  a novum this year at 17:00 in April and October replacing the regular luncheon meetings.


I wish everybody born in the month of December, beginning with –

Jan Kratina (born on the 31st of December!!)

Javier CHAMOSO (20.12.)

Birthe Mačeška (13.12.)

and last but not least our long term Skålleague

Prof.Josef “Pepi” Šestak who celebrates his Birthday today the 15th of December !!!

all the best to you all, Health & Happiness

If you realised, I haven´t mentioned any years of birth


And final

We should never forget and always remember one thing. We belong to the privileged class which do not have any fundamental and real problems compared to many others. We should keep that in mind every day and thank the good Lord, or how else you want to make responsible for, every day heart- and gratefully


May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas 2017 and a

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2018

May you find Joy and Purpose in everything you do.


Last put no least, do not forget on your way out the Ladies and Gents gifts backs consisting of a Skål Club Calendar, a beautiful flower for the Ladies and a delightful bottle of a special Czech Sekt called Crémant Cuvée, Quatre Brut, Methode Champanoise as well as a sample of sausage from  MADE, the oldest and well known sausage producer and food supplier for the hotel- and gastronomie in this country !


Now it´s enough with the talk and let´s concentrate on the cozy and pleasant part of the evening, namely food, drinks with good conversation and entertainment among friends


I wish you all a wonderful and enjoyable evening.


Let´s now  raise our glasses for the Skål Int. toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere


Now it´s time to listen and to get into the Christmas spirit with the already at the beginning of my speech announced and for many of us almost legendary Sedmi Hlásek choir, led and conducted by Ms.Hana Homerová assisted by her son Mr.Homer on the piano.