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I am sure you all know the song – another day is gone by Michal Jackson. It seems to my like yesterday that we met here 12 monh ago !

Welcome om Friday the 13th, some say this day is dangerous, I say it´s a beautiful day !

As always, it´s for me a great pleasure and honor to welcome you for the 14th time as President of the Skål Int. Club Prague and of course, for and behalf of the board, to our Christmas Gala Dinner.

It is especially a great pleasure to hold this event in the to many of us known historical Boccacio Ballroom.

However, this would not be possible without the help and assistance of our long term member and host Petr Beránek.Thanks to him and his great team, let by Jiri, we are able to enjoy this special event in this beautiful surroundings alraedy for the 6th time, always provided that my counting is correct.

Unfortunatelly we received a few cancellations due to illness, holiday and business. Ulf, Manuel, Werner and many others send their best greetings.


Let me welcome our special guest tonight –

Mr.& Mrs. George LEWIS our long term lost member

Mr. / Mrs. Paddington TUCKER a hopefully new member

and our media genius Benke AIKELL



to the members of board for all their work, time and effort the invested throughout the year, to the hosts of our monthly regular luncheon meetings and special events and especially to you, my friends and members, because without you there would be no club and celebrations.


Young Skål

for the first time some of them already as couple



you can see our connentions alround the world with clubs visited and/or vice versa. This is just a reminder of Skål´s internationality



We have, due to the generous donations from our sponsors, this year again exciting prices on offer. This contains the food-baskets donated as every year by the company MADE. I name this company especially because they donate already for the 10th consecutive year food baskets and many other goodies. We will have a wide range of prices beginning with the overnight stays right up to the much thought after 3 Alza gift vouchers, worth 3000.-, 4000.- and 5000.- donated by no-one less but the club, namely by you !

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our numerous sponsors, which will be named during the raffle. Without them we would not be able to raise all this money.


Be generous, like last year, and buy as many as possible tickets. You know, it´s for a good course.  Many folks are not so privileged as we are !



I wish everybody born in the month of December, beginning with –

Birthe Maceška (13.12.)


Prof.Josef “Pepi” Šestak who celebrates his Birthday

all the best to you all, Health & Happiness


And final


May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas 2019 and a

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2020

May you find Joy and Purpose in everything you do.


Last put no least, do not forget on your way out the Ladies and Gents gifts bags consisting of a beautiful flower for the Ladies and a delightful bottle of a Czech Sparkling wine as well as a sample of sausage from  MADE, the oldest and well known sausage producer and food supplier for the hotel- and gastronomy in this country !

Now it´s enough with the talk and let´s concentrate on the cozy and pleasant part of the evening, namely food, drinks with good conversation and entertainment among friends

I wish you all a wonderful and enjoyable evening.  The reception is finished and now let´s enjoy the real mac-coy, namely the excellent dinner and companionship.

Let´s now raise our glasses for the Skål Int. toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere