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Summary of the Afternoon Event 25.10.2018 - Eurostars Thalia Hotel Prague


afternoon meeting 17:00

Thalia Hotel



Welcome to the Eurostars Thalia Hotel. Our host  lost us, but we have with Mr.Roman Soulenka and his team a good replacement. It´s nice to see so many YS faces here today.

A special welcome to todays illustrious guests:

Charles YUAN - SKAL Taipei Skalleague and CEO of 2RNJOY

Zdeněk BERGMAN - Direktor Muzeum Karlova Mostu & Prague Ferryman 

Vojtěch POKORNÝ - Chairman Svatojánský Spolek and Dharma Van den DAMA  IDM Destination Management

No doubt you will ask what´s 2RNJOY, a Prague Ferryman and Svatojánský Spolek. I believe that you all know what a DM is, but IDM ? Well you can find all that and more out during the evening in a personal chat.

What´s the purpose of Skål ?

I am asked this question often. The initial ideas from 1934 are long overhauled. Social media and network facilities are here by the tonne and much more effective and faster than the personal contact, many believe. I think that this is not completely true. You cannot replace the personal contact because it´s also very much based on trust and belief.

So I say when I get this  question „doing business amongst friends“ in a friendly atmospere cannot be replaced by means of electronic communication only. Of course we know that today to work without it is impossible, but the local level direct contacts seem to be still important to our members.

Use the exisiting network and make it yours to work for you !

We need to set new targets

Coming up elections brings always changes and new tasks. Any eligible member can stand for the the election in February 2019. Nearer details about this will be sent to you in good time.

My best wishes to:

Skål Int. Prague for the 23th Birthday 18.10.

Czechia for the 100th Birthday

as well as to

Walter KIENER may will ask who is he. Well he is a life and founding member of the Club, living in Switzerland whrer he initial came from


believe it or not. I couldn´t find more names and my appologise if I have left somebody out.

I  better stop talking in order to enable us to mangle up between the crowd an have some nice and informative conversation.


Let´s now raise our glasses to the int. Skål toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere