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Summary of the Christmas SKÅL event held 14.12.2018 at the Grand Hotel Bohemia






As always, it´s a great pleasure for me to welcome you – if I counted it right for the the 13th time - as President of the Skål Club Prague and of course, for and behalf of the board, to our Christmas Gala Dinner.

It is especially a great pleasure to hold this event in the to many of us known historical Boccacio Ballroom.

However, this would not be possible without the help and assistance of our long term member and host Petr Beránek. thnask to him and his great team we are able to anjoy this special eventin ths beautiful surroundings alraedy for the 5th time, always privided that my counting is correct.

Back to my first sentence of my long term Presidency. Maybe somebody want´s to take on the task on next years elections. You all know the saying „a new broom sweeps the floor better“.

Next year I sing the speech in order to meka it a little pit differnet to past 13 ones J


Let me welcome of our special guest tonight –

Ms Pavlina Rehola and Mr.Rehola from Skål Int.Cairns Australia

Mr.Szczyglowski from Balticas



to the members of board for all their work, time and effort the invested throughout the year, to the hosts of our monthly regular luncheon meetings and special events and especially to you, my friends and members, because without you there would be no club and celebrations.

Young Skål

5 male members, where are the ladies ?


you can see our connentions alround the world with clubs visited and/or vice versa


We have, due to the generous donations from our sponsors, this year again exciting prices on offer. This contains the food-baskets donated as every year by the company MADE. I name this company especially because they donate already for the 9th consecutive year food baskets and many other goodies. Wines form the fasmous vinary Bach-Hengl in Vienna.Hwengl jun. sends his best regards and still waits for our vsiti to his vineyards.We will have a wide range of prices beginning with the overnight stays right up to the much thought after 3 Alza gift vouchers, worth 3000.-, 4000.- and 5000.- donated by no-one less but the club, namely by you !

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our numerous sponsors, which will be named during the raffle. Without them we would not be able to raise all this money.



most of you hav seen the progran alraedy. For those not a quick recap

18.30 – 19.00

Welcome drink  

19.00 – 19.15

President´s speech


19.15 - 20.30

Served Dinner (for menu please see below)

Raffle Tickets Sales

20.30 - 21.00

Raffle - First Part

Dessert Service

21.00 - 22.00

Band playing music performed by Jiri´s Overtime Party Band (see www.overtime cz for more details) to entertain you and make you dance throughout the evening.

22.00 - 22.30

Raffle - Second Part

22.30 - 23.30

Band playing



Amuse bouche
Uzená kachní prsa s vlažným čočkovým salátkem
Smoked duck breast with lukewarm lentil salad
Zapečená cibulačka
Baked onion soup 
Steak z hovězí svíčkové s černou rýží, karotkovým pyré a grilovanou krevetouBeef sirloin steak with black rice, carrot puree and grilled prawn
Kynuté lívanečky obalené ve skořicovém cukru s jablečným čatným a zakysanou smetanou
Pancakes wrapped in cinnamon sugar with apple chutney and sour cream


Welcome Drink – Christmas punch / Orange or apple juice / Bohemia Sekt Chardonnay

soft drinks, water


Pilsner Urquell 0.33, non-alcoholic beer

Coffee, tea, chocolate pralines


Thought for Christmas

Be happy with what you got. Look around the streets and you will see how others have to leave. Let us help wherever we can to helping the suffering,poor and needed people.

We leave a good life but let´s not shot our eyes to our world around. maybe one day we need a helping hand.



I wish everybody born in the month of December, beginning with –

Jan Kratina (born on the 31st of December!!)

Javier CHAMOSO (20.12.)

Birthe Mačeška (13.12.)

and last but not least our long term Skålleague

Prof. Josef “Pepi” Šestak who celebrates his Birthday today the 15th of December !!!

And finally


May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas 2017 and a

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2018

May you find Joy and Purpose in everything you do.


Last but no least, do not forget on your way out the Ladies and Gents gifts backs consisting of a beautiful flower for the Ladies and a delightful bottle of a special Czech Sekt called Templářské from Sklepy Čejovice as well as a sample of sausage from  MADE, the oldest and well known sausage producer and food supplier for the hotel- and gastronomie in this country !

Now it´s enough with the talk and let´s concentrate on the cozy and pleasant part of the evening, namely food, drinks with good conversation and entertainment among friends

I wish you all a wonderful and enjoyable evening.

Let´s now  raise our glasses for the Skål Int. toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere