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Summary of the SKAL BBQ event held 25th June 2020

BBQ Party Speech

Žluté lázné



A very warm welcome to this years Skål Prague BBQ Party at the Žluté lázné. Karen and her team organised a great party last year. I am absolute certain that this years will be just as good.


The BBQ parties are always one of the highlights of our annual events. Enjoy and have a great time, because next year we´ll be a year older again. I mention this because I feel that the years fly by faster and faster. Believe me, I am talking out of experience !


My speech will be finished soon, because we are all her to enjoy ourselfs and not to listen to long bla, bla, bla...........

Marie wants also to address a few words to you and we also have a little surprise for one of our  „old members“ ready.


Let´s go straight on into medias res with this month Birthdays –

Dvorakova Eva

Reigl Heinz – as it happens it´s my great pleasure and honor to celebrate with you  today my 75th Birthday anniversary and, as we have no event in July, I carry on with the July Birthdays. These are -

Beranek Petr

Forejtek Miroslav

Lajka Jan

Landeberg Ulf

Nespurek Petr

Scepnyj Ostap

and last but not least our General Secretary´s 60th Birthday on July the 20th

Matousek Jiri


This leads me straight to the next point. The members of the board thought, believe it or not, we do this sometimes as well to present Jirko with a small gift from the club. A Voucher for a weekend, off course together with his wife Eva, in a Spa of his choice.

Jirko, Eva here you are, enjoy and think about us... not too much, it´s you Birthday J


Now let me hand over to Marie and listen to what she has to tell us.


However, we should not forget the int. Skål toast in our euphoria.


Therefore let´s raise our glasses

To all the Skålleagues everywhere