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Summary of the SKÅL AGA + event held 28.2.2019 at the DUO Hotel Prague

Annual General Assembly:

a)      The quorum was reached with 35% eligible members present.

b)      President´s, Secretary´s, Treasurer´s and Auditor´ Reports were presented.

c)      Budget 2019 and new membership fees for 2019 have been approved.

d)      New Board members were elected – Z. Kovařík, J. Matoušek, M. Ranišová, H. Reigl,  K. Zelený.

d)      New Auditor, C. Sturm,  was elected.

e)      All related documents to above points, including the AGA 2018 Protocol are accessible on our website www.skalclub.cz in the “Documents” section (members only – login needed !)