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Summary of the SKÅL event held 21.9. at the Park Inn Hotel Prague



September 21st 12:00

Welcome to the Park Inn. It´s now, thanks to Miroslav, already the third time we hold a luncheon meeting here. Thank you also to the Park Inn team, which has always looked after us extremely well and, now doubt, will do so this time again.

Nice to see so many YS and very rare and exotic species like Eva & Alena, Wolfgang. Welcome to the Club !

Let me welcome todays guest who are –

Jörg WIEDERHOLD - guest speaker Delloitte ČR Partner and Benke AIKELL - owner and Editor CZECH&SLOVAK LEADERS MAGAZINE

Todays interesting topic, presented by our Guest speaker Jörg WIEDERHOLD / Partner Deloitte CZ, will be “The economic situation and prospects for the Czech Republic before the elections - with focus on tourism”.

This month Birthday celebrities in alphabetical order and without any gender consideration are  –

Johannes SCHUSCHU and


The next meeting will take place on Thursday, October 26th at the Eurostars Thalia. Guest speaker Roman R. Straub, CEO of the PCC Prague will inform us about the development and future of the, for all in the tourism trade involved absolute important and essential, Prague Conference Centre.

Normally I have in this speech a “news flash and some jokes or funny episodes” for you. However, I got the feeling lately that they are not going down great guns and I have decided to cut them out.

But not to worry I have got a replacement instead -

May I ask you kindly to keep quiet during the presentation. It does not only disturb those who are interested in this presentation but is also extremely rude towards the presenter !

I regret to say this but there are always a few people which mean to have to make comments and personal conversation during the presentation.

This behavior does not reflect our clubs standards and I would really very much appreciate if we keep to them.

Will you please kindly switch your telephones off throughout the presentation.

This years x-mas Party 15.12.2017 will be held at the Hotel Ambassador. YS, spouses or friends are as usual welcome

An idea for next years venues was brought up by Jan Šramek. He suggests to hold a couple of late afternoon Cocktail meetings (start at approx. 17:00) instead the regular luncheon meetings. Those in favor please raise your hands (100% of the present members for it !)

But now let us get on with the more social part of the event and let´s raise our glasses to the int. Skål toast.

To all the Skålleagues everywhere