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Summary of the SKÅL event held 22.2. at the NH Hotel Prague

Summary of the Skål  Prague event

held on 22.2.2018 at the NH Hotel Prague

Annual General Assembly:

a)      The quorum was reached with 21 voting members present out of 48 (44%).

b)      President´s, Secretary´s, Treasurer´s and Auditor´ Reports were presented.

c)      Budget 2018 was approved.

d)      New Auditor, Ms. Dytrychová,  was elected.

e)      All related documents to above points, including the AGA 2018 Protocol will be stored on our website www.skalclub.cz in the “Documents” section (members only – login needed !)

Here is the speech of our President Heinz Reigl:

Welcome to the NH CITY HOTEL. As from 1.Mai 2018 the upper part of the Hotel in which we are right now will be renamed to NH Prague Collection. This is an upgraded version with swimming pool and gym, aimed for the business traveler & MICE customer.

Most of you have joined us already for the AGA. To those who haven´t welcome to it.

Thank you once more to our host Petr Nešpůrek for providing the facilities and catering  for the AGA and of course for the luncheon which will not only be the usual exciting and mouth watering menu but this time, thanks to the courtesy of Mr.Franz Hengl jun., an extra special experience. Mr.Hengl has made the effort and brought us all the way from Vienna some of his wine grown in his own vineyards in the famous Viennese Heurigen are of Grinzing.

No doubt, Mr.Hengl will address a few words before lunch to introduce his family and himself

Todays presentation by Mr.Jan Němec & his collegue Jan Procházka from the Mentally fit Institute under the topic “Organization culture”

Todays guests are the already mentioned Mr.Franz Hengl jun. from the famous Viennese Heurigen Bach-Hengl Family Dynasty in Grinzing

the Gentlemen Mr. Jan Němec & his colleague Jan Procházka from the Mentally fit Institute

Mr. Markus Klos from Prague TV & Prague Daily Monitor

Our birthday wishes go in alphabetical order this month to

Alena Dytrychová

Eytan Goldman

Colin Stanley

Vaclav Stárek

Karel Zelený

Jan Houška

Michaela Vítová and

all the others I may have forgotten

Because of the AGA and the tight program let´s carry and not waste any more time with further speeches

But before the Mentally fit Institute presentation let´s raise our glasses for the Skål Int. Toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere