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Summary of the SKÅL event held 30.11. at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague



Clarion Congress Hotel



to the Clarion Congress Hotel. Our host Miroslav Bukva - who unfortunately like several others can not join us personally today because of the AHRC Congress in Olomouc - and his team. They have, as usual,  put on an exciting and mouth watering menu. Thank you for accommodating us again. It was always a great experience and hopefully not the last one !


Todays guests are

Mr.Gerald Hauser, Austrian Consul to the Czech Republic and

Benke Aikell which I believe do not need to be introduced to you anymore


Todays presentation

will be done by our Young Skål team consisiting of Marie ZHELBUNOVA and Jan HOUŠKA I would like to take this opportunity and thank both especially for their effort and excellent Skål embassadors, by representing the Skål Club at the ICCA Congress. No doubt you will learn something about this in the following presentation. Many thanks, well done and very much appreciated !


Our birthday wishes going this month to

todays host Miroslav Bukva

Manuel Jimenez and

Veronika Možišová


Venues / Guest speakers-Presentations 2017 – 2018

I think we can proudly say that this years guest speakers and presentations where of high quality. We started off on

February with Marek Páleník/Klaus Pilz - viennahouse

March – JUDr.Petr Jansa – National Institute of Education

April – HE Dr.Alexander Grubmayer – Austrian Ambassador to the Czech Republic

May – Mag.Christian Miller – Business Delegate of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

August – Dr.Lars Klett – Managing director, Partner | advokát at UEPA advokáti s.r.o.

September – Jörg Wiederhold – Partner Deloitte CZ

October – Roman R.Straub – CEO of Prague Congress Centre and

today with the YS presentation 2017  YSKAL_2017_presentation.pdf

We will carry on next year, starting in

January with Jan Tuček from STEM/MARK marketing

February – Jan Němec – mentallyfit Institute

Others are under negotiation

Please remember that we encourage you, our members, to present your company and/or any other interesting topics. Any suggestions for other possible guest speakers/presentations are always welcome.


Christmas Gala Dinner on 15.12.2017 in the Ambassador Hotel.

Don’t forget to register now. You all received already the invitation from Jirko in todays mail.


Thought of the month 

Every box of raisins is a tragic tale of grapes that could have been wine !


Joke of the month 

My neighbor knocked on my door at 2:30am this morning, can you believe that at 2:30 !

Luckily for him I was still up playing my Bagpipes.


But before the YS presentation and without any further delay let´s raise our glasses for the Skål Int.Toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere