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Summary of the SKÅL event held 25.5.2017 at the Lindner Hotel Prague Castle


Luncheon Meeting 25.5.2017

Lindner Hotel Prague Castle


Dear Mr.Miller, dear guests, dear members and friends,

Welcome to the Lindner Hotel Prague Castle.

Dear Ulf, thank you for hosting this event. It´s great to be back here again. It was last on almost the same date, namely the 26.5.2016 that we were able to enjoy this super location and settings. The weather is, contrary to the forecast, nice. Many friends are around. Good food & drinks and pleasant service. No doubt, for all that is catered for today. What else can we ask for ?

1.Today we welcome the following guests –

Todays guest speaker is Mag.Christian Miller, Business Delegate of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. His topic will be “The Czech Republic as economic partner from the perspective view of Austria”. This also includes how economic relations FDI etc, are dealt with. Thank you Christian for your time and no doubt very interesting presentation.

2. This month Birthdays are –

I read them out as always in alphabetical order and without consideration of the gender even with the rsik of being brandmarked for that


Friedman RIEHLE and


and to all the others not mentioned on this list

3. Newsflash -  Skål Int. Is looking for interested and eligable members to join the Int.Executive Commitee.

Those interested can come forward and apply. Slight snack on the matter, you have to stand for election during the World Congress 2017 held in Hyderabad - India. Any interested candidates please come forward. We want you now !

4. Please pencil Thursday, June 29th into your diary. This is when our by now legendary yearly summer BBQ Party will take place, this year for the first time, in the Hotel DUO on their sunny garden terrace. Invited are, as usual, besides our members their spouses or friend and the Young Skålleagues.

The Waldorf Astoria and Sir Winston Churchill.

You will ask what the two have in common. Well, there it is –

I was reading an article about the sale of the New York Waldorf Astoria and the family history. By doing so I came across this story.

Sir Winston Churchill  was know for his famous quotes and very often quite sharp and cynical comments. A members of the Waldorf family emmigrated to the then still called Great Britain. Surprisingly he moved on to the aristocracy and became a Lord. Therefore his wife became a Lady. Both of them, but especially Lady Waldorf, could not stand Winston Chruchill.

It happend that they where invited to a state banquett and blow it, Lady Waldorf was seated next to Churchill. No doubt this situation was programmed to a heavy end. Lady Waldorf was watching Churchill sipping his aperitiv, wine and of course at the end of the meal Brandy and smoked his beloved cigar. She looked at him digusted and said „Sir, you stink of alcohol and cigars, I even believe you are drunk“. Churchill looked at here in his famous way and replied „ I might be drunk, Milady, but in the morning I will be sober and you will be still ugly“.

And now without any further atue, let´s raise our glasses to the int. Skål toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere