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Summary of the SKÅL event held 26.1. at the NH Hotel Prague


Luncheon meeting 26.1.2017

NH Hotel Prague

Let me first wish those which I have not seen yet once more a Happy New Year.

Welcome to the nh Hotel. Thank you to our host Petr Nešpůrek and team. We organized for those who do not know the hotel yet between main course and dessert a short tour through the premises.

Todays guest is –

our preffered partner Benke Aikell the Editor from the famouse and already legendary Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine

5 year ago, on January, the 26th 2012 we celebrated our Young Skål Inauguration at the then called Kempinski Hotel, now known as The Grand Mark. Many things have happened in this time and Young Skål developed in the meantime to a very active  and successful group. Some of the members are working in international companies already in key and management positions.

Young Skål is also starting this year with their first series of planned seminars and workshops. The first one will be held on Monday, the 27th of March in the premises of the Czech Business Club as a half day seminar by Jan Mühlfeit called „Unlocking Human Potential“. This is a very great and exciting step in the Young Skål history.

We actually wanted to make this seminar open to a broader audience, but Jan Mühlfeit has insisted to keep it in a smallish frame and only for Young Skål and possible new eligible Young Skål members. So, I am sorry for all those who thought that they can participate. Jans wish is understandable because he offered this first kick-off seminar to us on pro bono basis. Normally his seminars are sold out at the cost of between CZK 7900.- and CZK 8900.-. The next one will be held on 10th of March in the premises of his Recruitment Academy in Wencelars Square. For further details visit www.recruitmentacademy.cz

We are looking for catering for this and the three days later following regular luncheon meeting which will aslo be held in the premises of the Czech Business Club. This club does not actually have its own proper catering available and that is why we have to use outside catering. Any member who is able and willing to help us here please step forward. Your assistance will be very much appreciated.

This two venues are the first, but hopefully not last one on joint venture basis with the Czech Business Club.

Another very important preferred partner, namely the VŠO, has offered to interested members the possibility of collaboration by assisting to prepare special topics for students and to present their company/establishment. This should enable the students to learn about the different possibilities in tourism and if requested open the door for an Internship and hopefully consequent employment for them. Of course it offers the future employer also the possibility of advertising on their own behalf and select suitable candidates for employment.

VŠO is an addition to our partnership and also the largest supplier of Young Skål members. From the existing 15 Young Skål members come 13 from this institution. We are very happy and greatful for this.

As you all know, the board members elections are in front of us. This time we will hold them on Thursday, February 23rd in the Diplomat hotel. Please inform us if you are interested to stand for any board members post in order to ensure that noone is overlooked or omitted. This is, of course, only for eligible members available. All details and schedule will follow in due course and good time.

One thing I would like to point out right now. You know that these elections are connected with certain rules and regulations. One important point is the number of members present. To hold valid elections we need at to have the presence of at least 25% of the club members. This means at the present time that 14.5 members must be present. I leave it entirely up to you decide who wants to be the half person. If we don´t reach this number we will reach no quorum and have to hold a second election. The elections start, as every time, at 11:00 followed by the regular luncheon at 12:00.

This month Birthday celebrities are –

Pavla Berková

Jan Doškář

Lukáš Hejduk

Werner Koppel

Jindrich Ploch

All the best to you and all others January born .

Now enough of talks and without any further autour let us raise the glasses to the int. Skål toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere