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SKÅL Prague -  around 70 tourism top managers

Doing business among friends

SKÅL worldwide - Clubs in 450 cities, 85 countries

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Summary of the SKÅL event held 27.8. at the Holiday Inn Hotel Prague


Luncheon meeting

Holiday Inn PCC



Nice to see you. Thanks to Zdenek and his team for having us. No doubt Zdenek will welcome you, as usual, personally.


Let me welcome today´s guests:

Petr Marek - MD Encore Hospitality,

Chris Dobson - ex GM Mama Shelter,

Mattheu Lewis YS,

Roman R.Straub - GM Mama Shelter,

Kamil Slomek,

Roberto Mateos

and last but not least

Manfred Franke - Founder & Chairman C4C, J Rafal Wojas - co-founder C4C, Oliver Loy


We will in due course present them with a check over Kc 25 000.-, from last year Christmas raffle collection, as support for their organisation.

This month Birthday celebrates are in alphabetical order:

Marcela Belovska

Jonas Thomsen


Udo Wichert


These days are very hard for all of us. Therefore we have to work even harder to overcome this crisis and survive as good as we can.

May I – for and on behalf of the Skål Int.Club Prague – now hand the money over to Manfred Franke and Rafal Wojas. I hope this contribution helps a little bit for the good course.

Let´s now raise our glasses to the Skål Int toast:


To all the Skålleagues everywhere


Health * HappIness * Friendship * Long life * Skål


PS : This was my shortest speech ever. I hope you all aprreciate this !

And always remember:


No matter where you go, there you are !!