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Summary of the SKÅL event held 28.11. at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague


YS Luncheon meeting


Clarion Congress Hotel


Dear friends, dear guests !



to the Clarion Congress Hotel. I am looking forward to the , it seems unfortunately, last luncheon meeting in this establishment. We alway enjoyed the great hospitality here, but as usual, all good things must end.

November is unfortunate always the AHRC congress and thus reduced the number of attendance because many of our members are also AHRC members and attend the congress



it´s my pleasure to welcome

Ms.Gabriele LENGER the new MD of the Austrian Tourist Board in the Czech. You all remember Ingrid Sieder our long term Club member very well. If you can´t remember her face, I am sure your remember her laughter !

Mr. Franz PRASSL Consultant of the Vlatava Labe Media Group and hopefully, if he ever complets the membership proposal form, soon a full member of Skål Int.Club Prague.


Todays YS Presentation

will be presented by Jan Houška, one of the last active YS members. YS is not very higly represented today. Maria Zhelbunove is excused becaus she celebrates today her wedding in the Troja Castle. We will need a few new YS members because almost all the others are coming towards 30 and either join as full members or leave the Club, which I personally would be very sorry for. The presentation will be right after my speech.


This month Birthdays

in alphabetical order

Bukva Miroslav

Jimenez Manuel Alonso

if I mist somebody than speak up now or be quiet for ever


Global Hospitality Research IGHOR

MD Prof.Dr. Hartwig Bohne

a long term Skål Int.Club Berlin member and ex president of the same has ask for his running and coming up events in Dresden and Prague for imterested guest speakers for his English Master´s Program in Dresden and for podium discussion partner on the subject „Hotel&Gastronomy Markets“ coming up the next year in Prague. Any interested person can see more details on the mailing formk October or contact me or Jirko. So far we have Ingrid Sieder for Dresden and Udo Wichert for prague interetsed to participate.


Hotel Development in Prague

Prague is among the top tourist cities in the world, says a new ranking. I think you all are aware that a second round of hotel projects in Prague in the pipe-line.

M – Marriott 170 bedrooms***** on Wencelars Square

Hyatt 175 bedrooms ***** on Senovážne Square

Julius Meinl Prime Homes 170 Luxury flats just opposite

Ritz Carlton 90 bedrooms ***** on Old Town Square

Interconti will be upgrated to a Fairmont Hotel

just to name a few.

This means that the 5* + sector in Prague will  be re-shuffled

on top of all that a Hard Rock Hotel with 523 bedrooms on Letnà


Feed back

we raised on last month meeting in the Ambassador Hotel the questions and ask for your opinion about –

  • do we want to carry on with the afternoon venues
  • special venues 2020
  • guest speakers / presentations 2020
  • Christmas Party program

the feed back was, to put it mildly not overwelming. If anybody has got any suggestions, beside the Christmas program, because we had to make a decission now, please come up wiht it.


Christmas Party

this years Christmas Party will be held in the Grand Hotel Bohemia on Friday, 13th of December we start at the usual time namely 6pm.

We can expect, thanks to Petr Beránek and his team, as usual a fulminant evening with –

  • Welcome drinks
  • Roasted chestnuts & mini fish nuggets with potato salad

followed by a Menu consisting of –

  • Amuse bouche
  • Marinated salmon in limet crust with micro salad and tramezzini toast
  • Sweet potato soup with beluga lentils and watercress
  • Beefsteak surf & turf with colorful beans and confit potatoes

for vegetarians Chickpee curry with balck rice and coriander

  •        pistachio Crème brulèe with fresh forest fuit (baked in front of the guests)
  • Coffee or Tea
  • non-alcoholic drinks, wine and beer throught the meal
  • Piano and back ground music


If you want to bring your friends and family along with you, you are welcome to do so. The cost for the evening incl, take away presents will be CZK 2400.- p.p. Please let us now a.s.a.p. because we have to make the final number booking soon.


Now without any further adue lets get with the the YS presentation


But before let´s raise our to the Skål Int toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere