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Summary of the SKÅL event held 28.5. at the Lindner Prague Castle Hotel


Lindner Hotel


Many thanks to Ulf for inviting us after two month of standstill. I think we are all more than glad to come back to some kind of normality.

Let´s look forward and not back. My philosophy has always been that there is no advantage withiout disadvantage and vice versa.

I don´t need to mention or explain the extreme and devastating disadvantages of this lockdown for our industry

  • business suffered extreme losses and many will be ruined and closed
  • our life style has and will further change. For the better or worse needs to be seen
  • our attidute to many public institutions has by many of us aroused a mistrust in justice by the public authorities
  • this situation reminds me with shivers to George Orwell´s book 1984. I quote from wikipedia –

„ a highmarish vision of totalitarian bureaucratic world and one poor stiff´s attempt to find individuality „. Many of us can only remember it very well and I personally loathe such actions

 But I can also see some  advantages in it. For example –

  • airbnb minimized
  • disappearance of e-scooters and beer-cycle vehicles
  • cleaner air and no white tracks in the horizon
  • reduction of traffic noise
  • to hear and listen to birds singing day and night. Woodpeckers at work..etc
  • watching the own local rabbits running through the street and parks
  • hopefully decline in globalization and focus on our own markets and supplies
  • Data from a Prague City Hall project shows that rental prices for apartments have dropped one-fifth during the coronavirus crisis, and the number of flats available has tripled, while use of flats for short-term rental has dropped by half. The city hopes to leverage this data to increase the number of flats going to long-term leases rather than shared use.

 What can / must we do as Skål Int.Club Prague ?

  • first off all we must stick together and try as much as possible to help and assist each other
  • thinking about joint actions
  • euhoca – bundled purchase power
  • special offers
  • any ideas are more than welcome                                                                                        
  • I am afraid of what I have heard and seen so far that we cannot hope too much for national or international help. Many promises have so far been unfulfilled and the promised financial aid is a long time, or not at all, coming. There are hundreds of expections to all this promises and explainations of why this is not the case in our case. What´s left is to help ourselves.

Because of the extreme past I was not able to mention

March and April past Birthdays –

Viktor Dvorak 3.

Zdenek Kovarik 3..

Wolfgang Quilitz 3.

Claudiio Sturm 3.

Pavel Janku 4.

Marie Ranisova 4.

Karla Svobodova 4.

Daniel Xuereb 4.

this month

Karel Prokosch 5.


I fear that we have to chew on this uncertain situation for a long time to come

But as I mentioned in the beginning of my speech. We will carry on and survive. And therefore -


To all the Skålleagues everywhere