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SKÅL Prague -  around 70 tourism top managers

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Summary of the SKÅL event held 29.8. at the Holiday Inn Hotel Prague


Luncheon meeting


Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre


Dear guests,

Dear friends,

it is today a special event because I have the great pleasure to welcome many chosen and well know guest here in the Holiday Inn. We are, thanks to our host Zdeněk Kovařílk and Gods good will, in this green garden sourroundings.

Due to the special nature of this event we thought to have instead of a guest speaker a Skål Int. presentation prepared and compiled by our board member Karel Zeleny. Thank you for your time and effort you have put into this works.

This presentation should highlight the benefits and advantages of being a member of this biggest international wordlwide only organisation representing the tourism and all it´s branches.

Let me now introduce my guest in alphabetical order to you –

  • Aikell Benke Editor & owner of the Chech&Slovak Leaders Magazine
  • Herget Jan MD CzechTourism
  • Jachim Jaroslav Marketing Österr.Werbung
  • Krunclová Barbora Project Mgr. COT
  • Miholič Dubrakov Mgr. Croatian Tourist Board
  • Safarov Nadir Reg.Rep,.in Europe Azerbaijan Airlines
  • Tucker Paddington MD Trvl.Advance
  • Zdarek Martin Commercial Mgr. Quatarairways CZ
  • Zemplinerová Amara Mgr. TTG Czech + wiuth a prof.photographer which will take professional photos for us today and last but not least
  • Zlomek Kamil GM Hoterl International Prague

You may ask why I invited you out of all people. Well, the answer is relatively easy. You are the type of professional which we want to encourage to join our club in order to increase our membership and thus find more hearing and acknowledgment. In my opinion we are moving from an era of linear progression in growth to a dynamic mode and this brings to fore the requirement for direction and leadership that is commensurate with the changing scenario.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality which are our key Areas of membership has seen a multiple increase in volumes but at the same time is by most countries and their governments not considered essential factors in the optimizing the Economic factors that govern the prosperity of their country and population. Organizations such as SKÅL could play an important role in fulfilling the requirement of promoting the objective of coordinating with policy makers thereby making it a premier body in the segment of Travel and Tourism.

We shall direct the focus towards being a catalyst in promoting tourism across the Network of SKÅL INT. and working towards making our Organization relevant in fulfilling this objective. In my view there is an urgent requirement for us to unite and ensure that we add Value to the membership such that existence in network of members brings Happiness and Prosperity to one and all.

Before we start with the presentation let me congratulate this month Birthday candidates –

Jonas Thomsen

Udo Wichert

Thank you Zdeněk and Karel for this excellent presentation. I do hope this has made an impact by many of you.

There will certainly be plenty of opportunity during the luncheon to discuss our ideas and planned future events and activities.

Therefore, let´s now raise our glasses to the int. Skål toast.

To all the Skålleagues everywhere