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Summary of the SKÅL event held 30.1. at the DUO Hotel Prague






Welcome to our 1. luncheon meeting in 2020.

Many thanks to Eytan and his team for hosting us today.


  1. Welcome to all of you and especially our guests –

it is my great pleasure to welcome today 2 YS candidates, Paddington Tucker who wants to join our club, and Mr. Thomas Morris todays guest speaker and presenter. I will introduce him in more detail before his presentation


  1. 25th anniversary 16.10.2020 (18.10.1995)

Birthe & Charlotte Maceska from Tjek-in Travel, after the successful organisation of the 15th anniversary, will also take care of the 25th anniversary celebrations.

We aim to get some 150 – 200 pax – our own members and from abroad – interested to participate.

Charlotte will come up with proposals for the place of venue, entertainment program (Vladimir Hron) and side 2-3 day program for the foreign guests.

Charlotte mentioned also to become a Prague Club member.

Any ideas and help to make this event a special one are of course more than welcome. We will setup for this occassion a commitee and I count very much on the assistance of our YS members.


  1. This month Birthday wishes go to

Werner KOPPL


  1. We will hold our AGA

next month on 27.2.2019 at 11:00 in the PCC. As every time I urge you to come in great number because we need at least 25% of the members to be present to make it a valid election. It must be in your interest anyway.


  1. Special events 2020

Our suggetsions are -

Bowling eve was successful, especial with the YS members.

Wine tasting in Prague

Trip to a vineyard in Austria



  1. Young Skål

We face the usual situation as every year. Some are, for one reason or another, leaving and replaced by new ones.

Jirko presents one YS interested candidate from the VŠO and I propose our offices assistant for YS membership.


  1. PR / Photos

It is absolute essential to present the club on each and every occassion to the media and social networks.

Therefore we have to provide professional photos and reports from all functions, regular or special ones, held in order to ensure awareness by the public, exisiting and potential members.



  1. What´s the advantages to be a Skål member

This question is coming up again and again.

We at the board came together to the conclusion that we all had advantages from membership in the club.

Some by meeting old friends. Some through personal contacts and exchange of information and ideas. Others by using the international Skål network and contacts.

The new team in Torremolinos tries really very hard to get Skål Int. into the next century. We should support them wherever we can. After all, the are OUR EMPLOYEES !

That is why we need to explain to our and possible new members to use the services provided by Skål Int. for their own benefits.

That´s why we pay a membership fee to Torremolinos.

  1. Guest speaker / presentations

We still need to find suitable guest speakers/presentors for the events 5./8./9./and 10. 2020

This month we have Thomas Morris

February AGA – non required

March – the HE the Austrian Ambassador

April – one of our members under the motto „let me introduce myself“.

June BBQ Party – non required

November - YS presentation

December  x-mas party – non required


  1. This leads me to the introduction of Thomas Morris

I am very proud to be able to welcome him here today for several reasons, namely as –

  1. Thomas Morris the actor

He played in many movies like "Schindler's List" and “Illuminati”, just to name a few.Also in TV and on stage

  1. Thomas Morris the author

Author of several books like „What you should´t know“ etc. in German and translated into several languagges, even in Czech

  1. Thomas Morris the Perigord Truffl farmer

He is the only one, to my knowledge, who was able to breed this very sought after mushrooms, after a rocky 8 year trial, in Central Europe

  1. Thomas Morris

is my oldest son and I am very proud of him !


Now without any further retard let me hand over to Thomas to start his presentation.


But before that let´s raise our glasses for the int. Skål toast


To all the Skålleagues everywhere