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Summary of the SKÅL event held 30.3.2017 at the Czech Business Club


Luncheon Meeting 30.3.2017

Czech Business Club


As usual, I leave the ladies the precedent and ask Romana Šeda the President of the Czech Business Club to address the present guests and members first.

Welcome to a Club special luncheon meeting. This is a premiere and for the first time held in non-member premises. However, we are not strangers but working on several occasions as preferred partners together. Special thanks go today to one of our long-time members, Mirek Bukva and his team from Clarion Congress Hotel, who arranged for the wonderful catering services in spite of the logistic challenges connected to the central location of the Czech Business Club.

Let me welcome my guests:

Mr.Gerald Hauser, Consul at the Austrian Embassy in Prague

Mr.Benke Aikell, Editor and Chief Executive of the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine

Mr.Friedemann Riehle, a guest and member to be, cofounder and Chief Conductor of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

And last but not least today´s guest speaker JUDr. Petr Jansa from the NÚV (National Institute of Education). His topic will be "Vocational – Dual Education and Training in the Czech Republic". A very interesting and for most of us more than relevant theme. His presentation on this link: VET_in_CR-fin.pdf

Last Monday´s YS seminar held by Jan Mühlfeit in the Grand Hotel Bohemia was very successful. More details will be shortly available on our website and in form of a press release.

This month Birthday wishes go to:

Victor Blanco

Viktor Dvořak

Guilliermo Olivares

Jiří Palat

Klaus Pilz

Wolfgang Quilitz

Claudio Sturm

Simona Doležanová

For further details about future guest speakers, venues and special programs visit our website www.skalclub.cz.

Let me, before I hand over to Dr. Jansa, mention that our next regular luncheon meeting will be held on Thursday, 27th of April at 12:00 in the Panorama Hotel. Our guest speaker will be HE Dr.Alexander Grubmayr Austrian Ambassador to the Czech Republic. His topic will be “Bilateral relations between Austria and the Czech Republic with aspect to the bilateral tourism”.