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Summary of the SKÅL event held 30.8. at the Holiday Inn Hotel Prague



Luncheon Meeting

Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre


Welcome to the Holiday In Prague Congress Centre. It is the first time today that Zdeněk Kovařík and his team are hosting a Skål Club event in this premises. Thank you for inviting us.

It is also my great pleasure to welcome todays guest of honor and guest speaker H.E. Mr. Daniel MERON Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Let me also welcome the other guests namely –

Mr. Michal Fritscher, G2 Travel - Destination Manager Hotels

Benke Aikell Editor & Owner of the by now legendary Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine

Markus Klos Editor & Owner of Prague TV, Prague Daily Monitor, PragueConnect, just to name a few


Zdeněk Bergman - ředitel Pražké Benátky


Nice to see YS faces again.


This month Birthdays in alphabetical order –

Thomsen Jonas

It seems to me that the month of December is not a very fruitful one. At least not amongst our Skål members families J


Skål Int. goes at the moment through quite some stormy waters and changes. Big discussion have been about the new developments and the new management in Torremolinos. This does not effect our club, but I will carefuly monitor the development and keep you updated.


Most of us enjoyed already the summer holidays and are back in full, or not so full swing. From what I can gather, business is booming and I hear no complaints, or if so, on very high level. Tourism figures in Prague and in whole Czechia are up and it seems there will be no decline in the foreseeable future. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is certainly the excellent works we do together in tourism. I am especially proud of our Skål Club members which either are the owners of their own companies or in leading positions. I think we should and could carry this fact proudly more outwards.


Franz Hengl wants me to extend his best greetings to all members of Skål and is looking forward to welcome as many as possible in his establishment in Vienna. For those who don´t know what I am talking about a short explanation. Mr.Hengl introduced his excellent wines on Februars Skål luncheon meeting in the NH Hotel. After this, several members suggested to visit the Heurigen in Grinzing to experience the grape harvest in October. But because of this years extreme wheather situation the harvest had to bee brought forward to September. This was too short notice for us and for many colleagues also for business reason not possible. Therefore we decided to postpone this trip into October. We will let you now with the program in good time.

By the way, a family member of the Hengl family, namely Dr Kurt Hengl was Austrian Ambassador to Israel from 1992 – 1994 and again from 2002 until 2007. Maybe H.E.knows or heard of him.


Next meeting on 27.9.2018 in the Clarion Congress Hotel at 12:00. Guest speaker Ingrid Sieder Tourism Startegies


That´s enough of my talks. I like to ask H.E. now to make his presentation, which we are looking forward to.

But before that let´s raise our glasses to the Int. Skål toast - To all the Skålleagues everywhere