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Summary of the SKÅL event held 31.5. at the Park Inn Hotel Prague



Park Inn



I hope you are all well and enjoy the summer as much as I do.

Welcome to the Park Inn. Thank you to Miroslav and his team for organising the event for the fifth time.

Let me welcome todays guests –

today´s guest speaker and presentator Ms. Nera Olabegoya CEO and Ms. Pavla Klímová the charming - may I say so without being in court for sexual harassment ? - Project Manager of Qualo Training Mobility

Zdeněk Kovařík - GM Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre

Mr.Franz Prassl VLP Media/Mafra maybe late

Ms. Svobodová - TMI

and our old friend Benke Aikell


This month Birthday Children are, as always without any prejudice, in alphabetical order –

Jan Kucera

Friedman Riehle

Karel Prokosch

that was an easy an short one.

Those I have missed should speak up now or be silent forever !

We have a surprise entertainment for the BBQ Party. I can´t tell you more than that, otherwise it would not be a surprise.

I have ask several times to help me with contacts to Airlines and Tourist Boards.  I got, with a little help a friend, finally a list of representatives and ask members now to assist under the special cover mission (the James Bond music should be played now) to take care on the at the August luncheon meeting on Thursday, 30th in the Holiday Inn invited, to assist and entertain them in order to explain what is  Skål all about and why they should join our organisation. This action must be in  the interest  of all parties concerned. After all, we are not a dying species ! 

This years Christmas Party will be different. We will provide with Matousek Boys a Dinner Dance of the other kind. So get your dancing shoes ready for the OVERTIME PARTY BAND !

This years raffle income will be donated due to Richards, Hannneses and last but not least Honzas engagement to the armada spásy (Salvation Army). To those who dont´t know the three afore metioned, I am talking about Richard van Reem, Johannes Schuschu and Jan Houška, later from YS.

I am sure we will enjoy thsi luncheobn meeting and let me remember, Skål and its int.network is esspecially now for small and midium sized companies the right organisation and answer to compete in this globalised „big boys“ business world. I can feel over the past month a new energy with the partly new people in Torremolinos. Therefore we should give them the benefit of the doubth and help to build up our organisation and poitive energies.

Before I hand over to Nera to present the content of her presentation let´s raise our glasses for the Int. Skål toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere