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Summary of the SKÅL event held 31.8. at the pentahotel Prague


Luncheon meeting 31.8.2017


Dear guests, dear members, dear friends,

I hope you all have a nice and relaxing holiday experience.

Welcome to the pentahotel Prague. Thanks to Johannes Schuschu and his team for the invitation and the by many of us already well known Penta hospitality.

Those who do not know this establishment yet we offer the possibility to visit the premises in due course.

I would also special cordially like to welcome todays guest speaker Dr. Lars KLETT giving us a lecture on the topic “New EU data Protection regulation”, to which we all look forward to with great interest.

1. Today guests are –

Mr. Benke AIKELL Editor & Publisher of the Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine and honorable member

2. The in the month of July born have been already mentioned in my BBQ speech in June.

This month Birthdays are –

I read them out as always in alphabetical order and without consideration of the gender even with the risk of being brandmarked for that

Kateřina LENKOVÁ



we wish you all the best and as well to all the others not mentioned on this list

3. Promotion day

Each member should invite to a special party 5 eligable candidates. Date and system to be agreed.

4. Newsflash - 

* Prague remains one of the top 20 most popular congress cities in the world.In this year´s popularity  

  ranking of the int. ICCA-Congress Association, ranks Prague on 11th place. A proportion of the 

  popularity of Prague as a destination for congresses and conventions hold the congress centre .

* Preference or prejudice ? Central Europeans ask why the get cheaper ingridients in super markets

* Prague´s and many other Cities central districts warn of Airbnb & booking.com ghost town scenario

* A City Hall working group, under the councillor Jan Wolf, in charge of tourism, outlines measures to

  clamp down on the rocking offer of rooms amd flats for tourist rents in the capital.

* Prague taxi driver hugely overprice fare (70 times plus = 100.- makes 7000.- !), holds client hostage

* New taxi law passes Senat – tougher penalties. Phone-based ride-sharing services are exempted L

* Exchange places in Prague – dailight robbery. From 28 up to 48% less when exchanging money in most

  of the exchange offices in Prague. the worst of them is the Chequepoint on Old Town Square. There you

  get for 1€  CZK 15.-

* Tap water, if at all available, up to CZK 60.- per jug. Tomato Ketchup &n Mustard CZK 25.- to 35.-

* Fastest wage growth since economic crisis recorde in the CZ/CZ min. wages to grow

* CZ has highest percentage of unfilled jobs in the EU

* A Million of Czech employees would change their job. Only 14% would not swop

Why do I mention this ? Because in the end of the day it effects us all. The industry and the country as a whole !!

I do not want to point only the bad things out because I want to be awkward. I do it because they need to be changed in our own interest. The good things, which there are many off, are alraedy here

5. Food for thought and the people in need Skål Int.Prague action

I have read several articles about the food exipration discussions. Four month after the start of the Greenpeace long-term studies to durability of food, the environmental protection organisation has relased the test. Overall,  seven of the eight tested articles lastet far above  the minimum durabilty date. Greenpeace and many other organisations now calling for extended minimum durability dates.

Reading all this I came to the conclusion that this also effects many of our members. My thoughts are to start, in cooperation with an responsible organisation, to collect any food items before they are thrown away and distribute them amongst people in need.

Of course this is at the moment just an idea and needs a lot of preparation and organisation. Important will be if you, the members, are able and willing to participate in such a action and to find the right organisation, public or/and NGO, to assist.

6. Please note that the next luncheon meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21st and NOT the 28th in the Park Inn. The reason for this change is the bank holiday on the 28th.

7. At the last two meetings I quoted some of Sir Winston Churchillˇs famous sayings.

But there is another Brit by the name of Prince Philip who can easy match them.

As you know Prince Philip has officially stepped down from all his duties as Prince and the Duke of Edinborough and retired just recently with age of 96 years. He has entered his well earned pension. His sayings, however, in his role will stay.

Here is a small selection of his notorious utterances :

„Children are going to school because their parents don´t want to have them at home“

in October 2013 to the pakistani childrenrights activist Malala Yousafzai, whom has been a year before almost killed by Talibans, because she workes on the right of Girls to attend school

„How do you keep the natives here long enough from drinking so that the pass the test ?“

1995 to a Scottish driving instructor

„If it has four legs and is notm a chair, if it has two wings and flies buut is not a plane, and if it´s swimming but not a submarine, will the Cantonese eat it“

1986 during a meeting of the WWF on the Chinese cuisine

If you want more to come next time !

Now without any further autour let´s raise our glasses to the Int. Skål toast

To all the Skålleagues everywhere