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Summary of the SKÅL event held 27.9. at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

This time it was an unusual situation because our President Heinz Reigl could not attend the event for serious family reasons.

Therefore our Secretary Jirka Matoušek gave the welcoming speech on his behalf. First of all, he thanked Mirek Bukva and his staff for hosting the luncheon at their renowned and popular Benada Restaurant. He also congratulated to Mirek on the reconstruction and upgrade of the hotel reception.

He also welcomed our dear former member Ingrid Sieder who will not only be a guest of honour for the event but also a guest-speaker introducing her new company and its activities in a presentation named "Smart Destination Development". It can be downloaded by the members after signing onto our website at the Document / Presentations section.

Jirka congratulated the birthday kids of September - Johannes Schuschu and Martin Bodnárik.

Having no jokes in the sleeve, Jirka invited all members to the next event held 25.10. - this time once again as an afternoon event from 6pm. Since Javier Chamoso left the Eurostars Thalia Hotel which was planned to be the venue for October, the exact place still needs to be reconfirmed.

Let´s raise our glasses to the Int. Skål toast - To all the Skålleagues everywhere